Global Learning of Typed Entailment Rules


Extensive knowledge bases of entailment rules between predicates are crucial for applied semantic inference. In this paper we propose an algorithm that utilizes transitivity constraints to learn a globally-optimal set of entailment rules for typed predicates. We model the task as a graph learning problem and suggest methods that scale the algorithm to larger graphs. We apply the algorithm over a large data set of extracted predicate instances, from which a resource of typed entailment rules has been recently released (Schoenmackers et al., 2010). Our results show that using global transitiv-ity information substantially improves performance over this resource and several base-lines, and that our scaling methods allow us to increase the scope of global learning of entailment-rule graphs.

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WordNet: An Electronic Lexical Database (Language, Speech, and Communication )

  • Christiane Fellbaum
  • 1998
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