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Global Information and World Communication

  title={Global Information and World Communication},
  author={H. Mowlana},
  • H. Mowlana
  • Published 1986
  • Computer Science, Political Science
Media strategies and coverage of international conflicts : The 2003 Iraq War and Al-Jazeera
In 2003 the United States of America led an international coalition to topple Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq. The war on Iraq followed the war launched on Afghanistan in 2001, designed to topple theExpand
Transborder information flow through human movement: implications for professional interactions
Human flow across national boundaries is a significant landmark in global communications. Without taking human flow into account, the theory of international flow of information is incomplete. ThisExpand
International Communication and Negotiation
No business transaction can be carried out without communication. International management involves communicating over national borders and dealing with cultural differences. To communicate, we useExpand
The act of listening: radio monitoring, 1930–1990
Radio monitoring is a significant but under-researched aspect of the history of international radio broadcasting and, in more general terms, of a transnational history of technology, media and (mass)Expand
On Human Communication
The study of human communication often focuses on a one-dimensional process of human-to-human interaction through messages. This article presents a five-dimensional model of human communication andExpand
Contagion processes of ethnic violence: Group inspiration and government strategic reaction
Existing research has considered the effect of domestic unrest on repression and theeffect of repression on subsequent unrest. However, governments’ strategic incentivesto use repression as aExpand
Why media researchers don't care about teletext
This chapter dissects the features of teletext, its history, and contextualizes these in a discussion of media research as a field, focusing on the perceived lack of attention to teletext from a political economic and policy analysis perspective. Expand
‘Interlocalization’: Can India be a party to the process?
‘Interlocalization’ has been witnessed as a new praxis in international communication which is all about horizontal flow of knowledge, culture, tradition, know-how and so on, among countries of theExpand
The Effect of Using English in Persian Advertisements on Iranian Target Groups
The present study examined the effects of using English in products advertisements published in magazines in Iran on their Persian-speaking target audiences. 180 respondents, classified based onExpand