Global Gauge Anomalies in Two-Dimensional Bosonic Sigma Models

  title={Global Gauge Anomalies in Two-Dimensional Bosonic Sigma Models},
  author={K. Gawȩdzki and Rafał R. Suszek and Konrad Waldorf},
  journal={Communications in Mathematical Physics},
  • K. Gawȩdzki, Rafał R. Suszek, Konrad Waldorf
  • Published 2011
  • Mathematics, Physics
  • Communications in Mathematical Physics
  • We revisit the gauging of rigid symmetries in two-dimensional bosonic sigma models with a Wess-Zumino term in the action. Such a term is related to a background closed 3-form H on the target space. More exactly, the sigma-model Feynman amplitudes of classical fields are associated to a bundle gerbe with connection of curvature H over the target space. Under conditions that were unraveled more than twenty years ago, the classical amplitudes may be coupled to the topologically trivial gauge… CONTINUE READING
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