participants at various seminars held in Canberra, and for the research funding provided by AusAID's Office of Development Effectiveness. List of boxes box 1: the monrovia Roadmap box 2: pritchett and de Weijer on the " middle Way " box 3: " Classical " scaling up pathways for a health program in Kenya box 4: Scaling up experience of the Global Fund box 5: the cluster school program in Cambodia box 6: the yemen Social Fund: an example of leadership in action box 7: performance incentives under the afghanistan basic packages of Health Services program box 8: program ownership in Ethiopia box 9: Challenges to the sustainability of scaled up programs in mozambique and Kenya box 10: two contrasting cases of World bank scaling up experience box 11: voluntary HIv counseling and testing List of Figures Figure 1: the role of aid and scaling up in development Figure 2: mean activity size and number of activities Figure 3: Share of aid received that reflects donors' revealed comparative advantage Figure 4: the links of innovation, learning and scaling up Figure 5: Share of world's poor living in fragile states Figure 6: oDa to fragile and stable countries Figure 7: median aid activity size Figure 8: Distribution of activity size in fragile states Figure 9: number of very large activities versus oDa growth in fragile states Figure 10: Share of donor activities that are coordinated Figure 11: Examples of volatile aid flows for four fragile states Figure 12: volatile financing: the case of the african Development Fund Figure 13: aid sustainability and transfer to government control List of tables table 1: Distribution of projects and programs by region, country, sector and agency table 2: Geographical distribution of fragile states table 3: Scaling up DotS treatment in afghanistan table 4: Drivers and spaces for HIv/aIDS, tuberculosis and malaria program table 5: World bank country program ratings table 6: aDb country program ratings Taking develoPMenT acTiviTieS To Scale in Fragile and loW caPaciTy environMenTS F ragile states present one of the greatest challenges to global development and poverty reduction. despite much new learning that has emerged from within the development community in recent years, understanding of how to address fragility remains modest. There is growing recognition that donor engagement in fragile states must look beyond the confines of the traditional aid effectiveness agenda if it is to achieve its intended objectives, which include statebuilding, …

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