Global Convergence of a a of Trust-Region Methods for Nonconvex Minimization in Hilbert Space

  title={Global Convergence of a a of Trust-Region Methods for Nonconvex Minimization in Hilbert Space},
  author={Philippe L. Toint},
  journal={Ima Journal of Numerical Analysis},
  • P. Toint
  • Published 1 April 1988
  • Mathematics
  • Ima Journal of Numerical Analysis
Description d'une classe de methodes de regions de confiance pour la resolution des problemes d'optimisation sous contrainte dans un espace de Hilbert 

Convergence of a projected gradient method with trust region for nonlinear constrained optimization

It is proved that the proposed projected gradient algorithm with trust region is globally convergent even if conditions are weak, and can be solved by an equality constrained problem, allowing locally rate of superlinear convergence.

A Flexible Framework for Cubic Regularization Algorithms for Nonconvex Optimization in Function Space

  • A. Schiela
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization
  • 2019
Abstract We propose a cubic regularization algorithm that is constructed to deal with nonconvex minimization problems in function space. It allows for a flexible choice of the regularization term and

A trust-region strategy for minimization on arbitrary domains

A trust-region method for minimizing a general differentiable function restricted to an arbitrary closed set is presented and a global convergence theorem is proved.

Non-monotone trust-region algorithms for nonlinear optimization subject to convex constraints

  • P. Toint
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
    Math. Program.
  • 1997
Two new trust-region methods for solving nonlinear optimization problems over convex feasible domains are presented, distinguished by the fact that they do not enforce strict monotonicity of the objective function values at successive iterates.

A structured trust region method for nonconvex programming with separable structure

The preliminary numerical results show that the proposed structured trust region algorithm for nonconvex programming with separable structure is potentially efficient.

Global Convergence of a Non-monotone Trust-Region Filter Algorithm for Nonlinear Programming

It is proved that, under reasonable assumptions and for all possible choices of the starting point, the algorithm generates at least a subsequence converging to a first-order critical point.

Projected gradient trust-region method for solving nonlinear systems with convex constraints

In this paper, a projected gradient trust region algorithm for solving nonlinear equality systems with convex constraints is considered. The global convergence results are developed in a very general

Convergence Properties of Minimization Algorithms for Convex Constraints Using a Structured Trust Region

This paper presents a class of trust region algorithms for minimization problems within convex feasible regions in which the structure of the problem is explicitly used in the definition of the trust region, and proves global convergence for all algorithms in this class.

A feasible trust region method for nonlinear inequality constrained optimization

In this paper, we present a feasible trust region method for the solution of inequality constrained optimization problem. The global convergence is established under certain conditions. It is also

Weak convergence theorems of the modified relaxed projection algorithms for the split feasibility problem in Hilbert spaces

The weak convergence theorems under suitable conditions are proved and some numerical results are presented, which show the advantage of the proposed algorithms.