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Global City-Regions: Trends, Theory, Policy

  title={Global City-Regions: Trends, Theory, Policy},
  author={Allen J. Scott},
There are now more than three hundred city-regions around the world with populations greater than one million. These city-regions are expanding vigorously, and they present many new and deep challenges to researchers and policy-makers in both the more developed and less developed parts of the world. The processes of global economic integration and accelerated urban growth make traditional planning and policy strategies in these regions increasingly inadequate, while more effective approaches… 
Global City-Region Governance, Ten Years On
It is exactly ten years since Allen Scott’s (2001a) edited collection ‘Global City-Regions - Trends, Theory, Policy’ became the antecedent to a resurgent interest among academic and policy
Global and world cities: a view from off the map
Attention to global and world cities has directed the field of urban studies to the significance of international and transnational processes in shaping city economies. This article evaluates these
Global cities and the transformation of the International System
  • S. Curtis
  • History
    Review of International Studies
  • 2010
Abstract The emergence of a new urban form, the global city, has attracted little attention from International Relations (IR) scholars, despite the fact that much progress has been made in
A world-wide mosaic of large city-regions seems to be over-riding (though is not effacing entirely) an earlier core-periphery system of spatial organization. The economic dynamics of these
From places to flows? Planning for the new ‘regional world’ in Germany
Recent decades have been dominated by discourses describing a resurgence of regions. Yet despite its prominence the region remains a largely Delphian concept. In the period of new regionalist
City-regions reconsidered
  • A. Scott
  • Economics
    Environment and Planning A: Economy and Space
  • 2019
I seek to provide an overview of the historical and geographical emergence of city-regions and to reflect on some of the debates that have arisen in regard to the theoretical status of these
City-Regions and Their Changing Space Economies
With unresolved discourses prevailing in mainstream economic thought, including in economic geography, city-regions and their changing space economies is the central theme of this volume. The chapter
Cities, Regions and Competitiveness
Turok I. (2004) Cities, regions and competitiveness, Regional Studies38, 1061-1075. Competitiveness is a complex concept used in a variety of ways and contexts. The paper reviews some of the main
The Politics of City Regions in Comparative Perspective
An age of the urban regionalism has arrived. Postindustrial capitalism is evolving in ways that give renewed importance to city regions. New forms of economic interdependence, the rise of specialized
Globalization and Urban Governance: A Comparative Analysis of Decentralization in World Cities
The “world cities” thesis has emerged as a key paradigm in urban studies. The general argument is that advanced telecommunications, global financial markets, and transnational corporations led to a


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