Global Bifurcation of Rotating Vortex Patches

  title={Global Bifurcation of Rotating Vortex Patches},
  author={Zineb Hassainia and Nader Masmoudi and Miles H. Wheeler},
  journal={Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics},
We rigorously construct continuous curves of rotating vortex patch solutions to the two‐dimensional Euler equations. The curves are large in that, as the parameter tends to infinity, the minimum along the interface of the angular fluid velocity in the rotating frame becomes arbitrarily small. This is consistent with the conjectured existence [30, 38] of singular limiting patches with 90 corners at which the relative fluid velocity vanishes. For solutions close to the disk, we prove that there… 

Multipole Vortex Patch Equilibria for Active Scalar Equations

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On the mother bodies of steady polygonal uniform vortices. Part I: numerical experiments

  • G. Riccardi
  • Physics
    Geophysical & Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics
  • 2022
ABSTRACT The existence of an integral relation between self-induced velocity of a uniform, planar vortex and Schwarz function of its boundary opens the way to understand the kinematics of the vortex

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Boundary Regularity of Rotating Vortex Patches

We show that the boundary of a rotating vortex patch (or V-state, in the terminology of Deem and Zabusky) is C∞, provided the patch is close to the bifurcation circle in the Lipschitz norm. The

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The steady shapes, linear stability, and energetics of regions of uniform, constant vorticity in an incompressible, inviscid fluid are investigated. The method of Schwarz functions as introduced by

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Existence and regularity of rotating global solutions for the generalized surface quasi-geostrophic equations

Motivated by the recent work of Hassainia and Hmidi [Z. Hassainia, T. Hmidi - On the {V}-states for the generalized quasi-geostrophic equations,arXiv preprint arXiv:1405.0858], we close the question