Global Aging and the Crisis of the 2020s

  title={Global Aging and the Crisis of the 2020s},
  author={Neil Howe and Richard Jackson},
  journal={Current History},
From the fall of the Roman and the Mayan empires to the Black Death to the colonization of the New World and the youth-driven revolutions of the twentieth century, demographic trends have played a decisive role in many of the great invasions, political upheavals, migrations, and environmental catastrophes of history. By the 2020s, an ominous new conjuncture of demographic trends may once again threaten widespread disruption. We are talking about global aging, which is likely to have a profound… 
Aging, precarity, and the struggle for Indigenous elsewheres
Abstract Through the structures and logics of the settler/capitalist state, the aging body can only be viewed as a crisis of decreased labor power and increased social expenditure; an amortization
China: awakening giant developing solutions to population aging.
Balancing population aging and economic growth requires innovative strategies and represents both challenges and opportunities for China.
The Program of Health Volunteer Promoters for OlderAdults: The Well-Being of the Volunteers at Leisure Time
The study of ageing processes has gained increased attention in recent years, partly due to the growth of this population group (United Nations, World population prospects: The 2015 revision. New
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The world underwent seismic shifts in the 20th century in the form of two resource-draining world wars, the creation of a bipolar world order, numerous proxy wars, end of the Cold War and emergence
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A Qualitative Evaluation of Leader-to-Millennial Relationship Development by Tywana Williams MA, University of Phoenix, 2009 BS, University of Phoenix, 2007 Dissertation Submitted in Partial
Development of a Multidimensional Functional Health Scale for Older Adults in China
The development of a culturally appropriate brief scale (the Multidimensional Functional Health Scale for Chinese Elderly, MFHSCE) to assess the functional health of Chinese elderly is reported, which has good internal consistency and construct validity.
Temporal Trend of Urolithiasis Incidence in China: An Age–Period–Cohort Analysis
In the past 30 years, the age-standard incidence of urolithiasis in both sex of Chinese people has decreased, but the crude incidence in Chinese women has increased, considering the aging of population structure in China.
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El diseno de politicas publicas en America Latina adolece de escasa profundidad estrategica e insuficiente perspectiva de largo plazo. Ello limita la posibilidad de aprovechar oportunidades o