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Global Aging 2010: An Irreversible Truth

  title={Global Aging 2010: An Irreversible Truth},
  author={Marko Mrsnik and D. Beers and I. Morozov},
A Long-Observed Phenomenon Key Findings: A Heavy Burden, Unequally Shared Future Trends In Age-Related Public Spending Assumptions In Our Simulations Base-Case Scenario: Unsustainable Without Policy Change Alternative Scenarios The Policy Implications Of Closing The Gap From Bad To Worse: Comparison With Previous Standard & Poor's Reports On Population Aging A Global Challenge Related Research October 7, 2010 
Population Aging and Risks of Budget Crisis
The impact of global aging on fiscal expenditure and possible ways to address this challenge are considered in the article. The authors conclude that if ambitious reforms are not implemented,Expand
Understanding and Meeting the Needs of the Older Population: A Global Challenge
This work has shown that the aging of the population, in conjunction with urbanization and industrialization, has resulted in an important epidemiological transition marked by a widespread increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases and their sequelae. Expand
Population Aging: An Emerging Research Agenda for Sustainable Development
In recent years, population aging has been recognized as an emerging challenge in many parts of the world. Earlier studies discussed its impacts on the sustainability of social security systems andExpand
Budgetary Sustainability in the Presence of Macroeconomic and Financial Market Instability: An Application to the Case of Belgium
This paper develops a stylized budgeting framework to analyze the effects of macroeconomic shocks and government bond market conditions on public finances. We focus on the impacts of primary fiscalExpand
Ageing in Developing Societies: Issues and Challenges
Ageing has emerged as a major challenge in several developing societies. With falling fertility rates and increasing longevity as its main drivers, it is expected that by 2050, one in five people ofExpand
Lessons for China from the European Sovereign Debt Crisis -- A Prospective for Private Pensions
Since 2009, European countries such as Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain (the PIGS) have suffered sovereign debt crisis. In this paper, we try to find the reason of debt crisis by statistics analysisExpand
Assessing a Government’s Non-debt Liabilities
In managing its finances, a government appropriately pays attention to the level of its indebtedness. This paper argues that, for many governments, the amount of the explicit debt on the balanceExpand
Welfare and Generational Justice
Ideas: Generational Justice: an Overview; Generational Justice as Sustainability; Generational Justice and Social Justice; Foundations of Generational Justice Institutions: Constitutional protection;Expand
Disability Transitions and Health Expectancies among Elderly People Aged 65 Years and Over in China: A Nationwide Longitudinal Study
Sex and urban-rural differences in disability transitions and life expectancies among older adults in China are explored, providing insights into health plan strategies to help guide the allocation of limited resources. Expand
Is the secret for a successful aging to keep track of cancer pathways?
Signaling and metabolic molecular crossroad linking aging and cancer are discussed, useful to argue about the current knowledge of prolongevity and druggable targets and to motivate specific intervention strategies that could modify practices of the aging population, activating multiple longevity pathways but keeping track of cancer pathways, thereby potentially preserving health status. Expand