Glioma cancer stem cells induce immunosuppressive macrophages/microglia.

  title={Glioma cancer stem cells induce immunosuppressive macrophages/microglia.},
  author={Adam Sauh Gee Wu and Jun Wei and L Kong and Yongtao Wang and Waldemar Priebe and Wei Qiao and Raymond A Sawaya and Amy Heimberger},
  volume={12 11},
Macrophages (MΦs)/microglia that constitute the dominant tumor-infiltrating immune cells in glioblastoma are recruited by tumor-secreted factors and are induced to become immunosuppressive and tumor supportive (M2). Glioma cancer stem cells (gCSCs) have been shown to suppress adaptive immunity, but their role in innate immunity with respect to the recruitment and polarization of MΦs/microglia is unknown. The innate immunosuppressive properties of the gCSCs were characterized based on elaborated… CONTINUE READING
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