Glioblastoma-associated circulating monocytes and the release of epidermal growth factor.

  title={Glioblastoma-associated circulating monocytes and the release of epidermal growth factor.},
  author={Georg Fries and Axel Perneczky and Oliver S. Kempski},
  journal={Journal of neurosurgery},
  volume={85 4},
Monocytes/macrophages frequently infiltrate malignant gliomas and play a central role in the tumor-associated immune response as they process tumor antigen and present it to T-lymphocytes. Findings have accumulated that peripheral blood monocytes leaving the cerebral circulation become microglial cells and vice versa and that monocytes/macrophages may stimulate malignant tumor growth by some unknown mechanism. Most malignant gliomas express growth factor receptors, for example epidermal growth… CONTINUE READING

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