Glial lineages and myelination in the central nervous system.

  title={Glial lineages and myelination in the central nervous system.},
  author={Alastair D Compston and John P. Zajicek and Joshua W. Sussman and Allison Webb and Gillian V. Hall and David Muir and Carisa Shaw and Andrew Wood and Neil J. Scolding},
  journal={Journal of anatomy},
  volume={190 ( Pt 2)},
Oligodendrocytes, derived from stem cell precursors which arise in subventricular zones of the developing central nervous system, have as their specialist role the synthesis and maintenance of myelin. Astrocytes contribute to the cellular architecture of the central nervous system and act as a source of growth factors and cytokines; microglia are bone-marrow derived macrophages which function as primary immunocompetent cells in the central nervous system. Myelination depends on the… CONTINUE READING