Gleichungen mit vorgeschriebener Gruppe

  title={Gleichungen mit vorgeschriebener Gruppe},
  author={Emmy Noether},
  journal={Mathematische Annalen},
The Ekedahl Invariants for finite groups
Abstract In 2009 Ekedahl introduced certain cohomological invariants of finite groups which are naturally related to the Noether Problem. We show that these invariants are trivial for every finiteExpand
On the Noether Problem for torsion subgroups of tori
We consider the Noether Problem for stable and retract rationality for the sequence of $d$-torsion subgroups $T[d]$ of a torus $T$, $d\geq 1$. We show that the answer to these questions only dependsExpand
The Space of Morphisms on Projective Space
The theory of moduli of morphisms on P^n generalizes the study of rational maps on P^1. This paper proves three results about the space of morphisms on P^n of degree d > 1, and its quotient by theExpand
Rationality problem of GL4 group actions
Abstract Let K be any field which may not be algebraically closed, V be a four-dimensional vector space over K, σ∈GL(V) where the order of σ may be finite or infinite, f(T)∈K[T] be the characteristicExpand
A constructive approach to Noether's problem
A general method is developed to attack Noether's Problem constructively by trying to find minimal bases consisting of rational invariants which are quotients of polynomials of small degrees. ThisExpand
D ec 2 02 0 Problems in Modern Galois Theory ∗
Given the recent centennial of Evariste Galois’ death, I am presented with the opportunity to present the current state of his most important creation, known by the name of “Galois theory.” At theExpand
On Unramified Brauer groups of finite groups
The Bogomolov multiplier B0(G) of a finite group G is the subgroup of the Schur multiplier H(G,Q/Z) consisting of the cohomology classes which vanishes after restricting to any abelian subgroup of G.Expand
Motivic classes of classifying stacks of finite groups and unramified cohomology
Combining work of Peyre, Colliot-Th\'el\`ene and Voisin, we give the first example of a finite group $G$ such that the motivic class of its classifying stack $BG$ in Ekedahl's Grothendieck ring ofExpand