Glast-expressing progenitor cells contribute to heterotopic ossification.

  title={Glast-expressing progenitor cells contribute to heterotopic ossification.},
  author={Lixin Kan and Chian-Yu Peng and Tammy L. Mcguire and John A Kessler},
  volume={53 1},
Heterotopic ossification (HO), acquired or hereditary, is the formation of true bone outside the normal skeleton. Although the lineages of cells contributing to bone formation during normal development are well defined, the precise lineages of cells that contribute to HO are not clear. This study utilized Cre-lox based genetic lineage tracing to examine the contribution to HO of cells that expressed either FoxD1 or Glast. Both lineages contributed broadly to different normal tissues, and FoxD1… CONTINUE READING

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