Glass-like phonon scattering from a spontaneous nanostructure in AgSbTe2.

  title={Glass-like phonon scattering from a spontaneous nanostructure in AgSbTe2.},
  author={Jie Ma and Olivier Delaire and Andrew F May and Chris E. Carlton and Michael A McGuire and Lindsay H. VanBebber and Douglas L Abernathy and Georg Ehlers and Tao Hong and A. S. M. Anwarul Huq and Wei Tian and Veerle Keppens and Yang Shao-Horn and Brian C Sales},
  journal={Nature nanotechnology},
  volume={8 6},
Materials with very low thermal conductivity are of great interest for both thermoelectric and optical phase-change applications. Synthetic nanostructuring is most promising for suppressing thermal conductivity through phonon scattering, but challenges remain in producing bulk samples. In crystalline AgSbTe2 we show that a spontaneously forming nanostructure leads to a suppression of thermal conductivity to a glass-like level. Our mapping of the phonon mean free paths provides a novel bottom-up… CONTINUE READING
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