Glass in Electronic Packaging and Integration: High Q Inductances for 2.35 GHz Impedance Matching in 0.05 mm Thin Glass Substrates

  title={Glass in Electronic Packaging and Integration: High Q Inductances for 2.35 GHz Impedance Matching in 0.05 mm Thin Glass Substrates},
  author={Wu Zihan and Sukhadha Viswanathan and Matthias Jotz and Holger Maune and Matthias Jost and Pulugurtha Markondeya Raj and Venkatesh Sundaram and Rao. R. Tummala},
  journal={2018 IEEE 68th Electronic Components and Technology Conference (ECTC)},
This work demonstrates 50 µm (2.0 mil) thin SCHOTT glass AF32eco as a RF substrate. Superior electrical performance and miniaturized component or package size in both vertical and lateral dimensions compared to traditional components and two-dimensional (2D) packages are shown to be feasible with the 3D fabrication approach with such thin glass. Vias with a diameter of 50µm are made at SCHOTT using laser structuring. Either sides of the glass substrates are coated with a thin layer of a polymer… 

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