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Glass-forming ability of Lennard-Jones trimers

  title={Glass-forming ability of Lennard-Jones trimers},
  author={Ulf R. Pedersen},
  journal={arXiv: Materials Science},
Melting temperatures at ambient pressure of systems of isosceles Lennard-Jones trimers with angles ranging from 70 degrees to 100 degrees are determined. Two crystal structures are considered: a distorted body centered cubic structure and a distorted face centered cubic structure with preferred angles of 77 and 96 degrees, respectively. Liquid dynamics are slowed down when the angle is increased. A trimer angle of 83 degrees yields the largest distance between isochrones and the melting… 
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Factors influencing thermal solidification of bent-core trimers.

Three key results are obtained: the increase in trimers' solidification temperature Ts(θ0) as they straighten is driven by the same gradual loss of effective configurational freedom that drives athermal trimers', and local cluster-level structure at temperatures slightly above Ts(α0) is highly predictive of whether trimers will crystallize or glass-form.

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