Glass, Bug, Mud

  title={Glass, Bug, Mud},
  author={Kimberly J. Grimes and Dannelle D. Stevens},
  journal={Phi Delta Kappan Magazine},
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"What do you do first?" I asked Anna as we looked at another long division problem. "Divide 5 by 3," she replied. "Correct! See, you know how to do this." Once again, I went through the steps of long division with Anna. I watched her usually smiling face change at the start of every math lesson and turn to a frown as she became lost again in the steps of long division. It seemed that no matter how many times I worked with her independently or how I addressed the problem, she still struggled… 

The effects of differentiated instruction on understanding middle school science concepts

This project took place in two sixth-grade general science classes at a large international school in Hong Kong, China and indicated that differentiated instruction did not have a positive effect on my students’ overall understanding of concepts or cognitive level of understanding.

"The Course Fit Us": Differentiated Instruction in the College Classroom.

As diversity in higher education increases, the one-size-fits-all, teacher-centered, traditional model of lecture-style teaching sets students up for failure. In addition, the strategic rhetoric of

How is the curriculum constituted in Waldorf Pedagogy, Montessori Pedagogy and ‘Escola da Ponte’

Part of the data on this work relies on a doctoral research. The study aimed to problematize about Science Teaching in a Waldorf school, Montessori school and Escola da Ponte, having as guiding

Narrowing the Mathematical Achievement Gap Among African American and Latino Students

Narrowing the Mathematical Achievement Gap Among African American and Latino Students by Muriel E. Smith MEd, University of Houston-Clear Lake, 2009 MS, University of Houston-Clear Lake, 1993 BS,

Enriching Online Education through Differentiated Learning

This paper presents an online learning model that advocates and endorses differentiated learning as an e-learning affordance that has been facilitated through the development of new learning technologies, and demonstrates how the online portal enables and supports multiple instances whereby differentiated learning is applied and practiced.

The Effect of Differentiated Instruction on Standardized Assessment Performance of Students in the Middle School Mathematics Classroom.

Evidence obtained through classroom observations revealed deficiencies in effective instructional delivery of differentiated strategies, emphasizing the need for ongoing, quality professional development and support for educators.

Effects of Differentiating for Readiness, Interest and Learning Profile on Engagement and Understanding

Differentiated instruction is a teaching strategy that enables educators to modify their instruction to address the strengths and needs of a diverse set of learners. This study looks at whether

Improving the Writing Skills of EFL High School Learners through Alternative Methods of Assessment and Differentiated Instruction

The study described in this article investigated EFL writing in the 1 st Grade of a State Junior High School. More particularly, the study examined whether the use of alternative assessment methods,

An Exploration of Learner-Centered Professional Development for Reluctant Math Teachers

In recent studies, researchers found that, while 90 percent of teachers reported participating in professional development, most of those teachers reported that it was not effective for improving



Using Data To Differentiate Instruction.

Because the group of students who are as “clear as glass” understands and can apply greatest common factor at both the conceptual and skill levels, she has these students use a Euclidean algorithm to

Differentiated Instruction: Inclusive Strategies for Standards-Based Learning That Benefit the Whole Class

ABSTRACT With suitable supports, including differentiated instruction, students ranging from gifted to those with significant disabilities can receive an appropriate education in general education