Gland and Zonal Segmentation of Prostate on T2W MR Images


For many years, prostate segmentation on MR images concerned only the extraction of the entire gland. Currently, in the focal treatment era, there is a continuously increasing need for the separation of the different parts of the organ. In this paper, we propose an automatic segmentation method based on the use of T2W images and atlas images to segment the prostate and to isolate the peripheral and transition zones. The algorithm consists of two stages. First, the target image is registered with each zonal atlas image then the segmentation is obtained by the application of an evidential C-Means clustering. The method was evaluated on a representative and multi-centric image base and yielded mean Dice accuracy values of 0.81, 0.70, and 0.62 for the prostate, the transition zone, and peripheral zone, respectively.

DOI: 10.1007/s10278-016-9890-0

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