Glacial refugia: hotspots but not melting pots of genetic diversity.

  title={Glacial refugia: hotspots but not melting pots of genetic diversity.},
  author={R{\'e}my J. Petit and Itziar Aguinagalde and Jacques-Louis de Beaulieu and Christiane Bittkau and Simon Brewer and R. Cheddadi and Richard A Ennos and Silvia Fineschi and Delphine Grivet and Martin Lascoux and Aparajita Mohanty and Gerhard Mueller-Starck and Brigitte Demesure-Musch and Anna Palm{\'e} and Juan Pedro Mart{\'i}n and Sarah Rendell and Giovanni Giuseppe Vendramin},
  volume={300 5625},
Glacial refuge areas are expected to harbor a large fraction of the intraspecific biodiversity of the temperate biota. To test this hypothesis, we studied chloroplast DNA variation in 22 widespread European trees and shrubs sampled in the same forests. Most species had genetically divergent populations in Mediterranean regions, especially those with low seed dispersal abilities. However, the genetically most diverse populations were not located in the south but at intermediate latitudes, a… CONTINUE READING