[Giving out extra meals to children at school in the District of Podlasie in year 2003].


The aim of this article was to evaluate the access of school children to different forms of school lunch programmes in a range of schools in the District of Podlasie. Substantial materials for this study were provided for by MZ 53 reports for the year 2003, which mainly concerned problems associated with hygiene of primary and secondary school children, as well as supplementary reports compiled by Regional Disease Control Centres in the District of Podlasie. In the area of Podlasie school meals were served as full and one-dish lunches. 21.95% of all the schools served full lunches, 7.66% schools served one-dish lunches, with secondary and primary schools constituting the highest percentage. 20.15% of the pupils took advantage of full lunches, 4.36% of one-dish lunches. 264 schools put forward a motion of serving drinks, which constitutes 36.01%. The above mentioned drinks were mostly served in the country branches of primary schools (67.56%) and primary schools (43.6%), rarely in secondary schools (10.71%). In the schools of higher academic standard pupils were offered no drinks. Milk drinks were available all through the school year in 1.36% of schools (0.47% pupils took advantage) and 0.27% of schools in the winter season (0.07% pupils took advantage). 26.72% of all the institutions suggested organizing in-company breakfasts in schools, and these were solely primary and secondary schools. School buffets were in operation in 32.49% of schools and 5.49% of schools had sweets and drinks machines vending pastry, fizzy and still drinks.

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