Giving blood: a new role for CD40 in tumorigenesis

  title={Giving blood: a new role for CD40 in tumorigenesis},
  author={Stephan Bergmann and Pier Paolo Pandolfi},
  journal={The Journal of Experimental Medicine},
  pages={2409 - 2412}
CD40 was initially identified as a receptor expressed by B cells that is crucial for inducing an effective adaptive immune response. CD40 was subsequently shown to be expressed by endothelial cells and to promote angiogenesis. New data now show that in tumor-prone transgenic mice, CD40-mediated neovascularization is essential for early stage tumorigenicity. This suggests, at least in this mouse model, that CD40 has an important role in the angiogenic process that is coupled to carcinogenesis, a… CONTINUE READING