Giving Up Ghosts: Notes on Trauma and the Possibility of the Political from Southeast Asia

  title={Giving Up Ghosts: Notes on Trauma and the Possibility of the Political from Southeast Asia},
  author={Rosalind C. Morris},
  journal={positions: east asia cultures critique},
  pages={229 - 258}
  • R. Morris
  • Published 1 February 2008
  • Political Science
  • positions: east asia cultures critique
In Bao Ninh’s 1991 novel The Sorrow of War, ghosts of the Vietnam War dead return to trouble the dreams and the daytime moments of the living, appearing as soft corpses beneath the wheels of cars or laughing in the decimated groves where napalm was sprayed.1 Elsewhere, on the banks of the Salween River, as described by Pascal Khoo Thwee in From the Land of Green Ghosts, the groaning specters of the battle dead in Myanmar’s insurgencies appear at night to wake the young rebels but vanish like… 

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List of Illustrations vii Note on Transcription and Monetary Conversion ix Acknowledgments xi 1. Introduction 1 PART I: The Passed 2. The New World: Bangkok and the World Order without History 31 3.

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