Gingival recession in relation to history of hard toothbrush use.

  title={Gingival recession in relation to history of hard toothbrush use.},
  author={Ahmed Khocht and Giorgio Simon and Philip Person and J L Denepitiya},
  journal={Journal of periodontology},
  volume={64 9},
Gingival recession studies in the U.S. have related primarily to sex and age with little consideration of toothbrush hardness. This preliminary study examined the relation between a history of hard toothbrush use and gingival recession. A total of 182 subjects, male and female, between 18 and 65 years of age, with a minimum of 18 natural teeth, no advanced periodontitis or history of periodontal surgery were examined. Gingival recession was scored as present whenever the free gingival margin… CONTINUE READING

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