Gingival capillary changes and oral motor weakness in juvenile dermatomyositis.

  title={Gingival capillary changes and oral motor weakness in juvenile dermatomyositis.},
  author={Cynthia Savioli and Clovis A Silva and Gisele Maria Campos Fabri and K{\'a}tia Tomie Kozu and L{\'u}cia Maria de Arruda Campos and Elo{\'i}sa Silva Dutra de Oliveira Bonf{\'a} and Adriana Maluf Elias Sallum and Jos{\'e} T T de Siqueira},
  volume={49 10},
OBJECTIVE We assessed the orofacial involvement in JDM, and evaluated the possible association of gingival and mandibular mobility alterations with demographic data, periodontal indices, clinical features, muscle enzyme levels, JDM scores and treatment. METHODS Twenty-six JDM patients were studied and compared with 22 healthy controls. Orofacial evaluation included clinical features, dental and periodontal assessment, mandibular function and salivary flow. RESULTS The mean current age was… CONTINUE READING


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