Gilt by Association: The Collaborative Celebrity of Germaine de Staël and Juliette Récamier

  title={Gilt by Association: The Collaborative Celebrity of Germaine de Sta{\"e}l and Juliette R{\'e}camier},
  author={Susanne Hillman},
  journal={Journal of Women's History},
  pages={56 - 79}
Abstract:This article offers a case study of gendered and collaborative celebrity performance on the cusp of French modernity. A prominent writer and a famous beauty respectively, Germaine de Staël and Juliette Récamier rose to public prominence during the volatile years of the immediate post-revolutionary period. Drawing on the literary scholar Lorraine York’s concept of “situated agency,” I argue for a reassessment of their celebrity as a collaborative performance under specific socio… Expand
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