Gilraen's Linnod : Function, Genre, Prototypes

  title={Gilraen's Linnod : Function, Genre, Prototypes},
  author={Sandra Ballif Straubhaar},
  journal={Tolkien Studies},
  pages={235 - 244}
H away in Appendix A, I, v of The Return of the King can be found all that we know of Gilraen, a Númenorean-descended woman of the Dúnedain, the mother of Aragorn Elessar. If we combine this information with selected chronological data from Appendix B, The Tale of Years, The Third Age, a bleak picture emerges of the shape of Gilraen’s life. She is married at twenty-two to a man of fifty-six; loses her fatherin-law one year later (to hill-trolls); bears a son (Aragorn) one year later; and loses… 
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