Gigantomastia complicating mirror syndrome in pregnancy.

  title={Gigantomastia complicating mirror syndrome in pregnancy.},
  author={Alex C. Vidaeff and Patti Jayne Ross and Christopher K Livingston and Donald H Parks},
  journal={Obstetrics and gynecology},
  volume={101 5 Pt 2},
BACKGROUND Gigantomastia is a rare and dangerous condition in pregnancy. Although improvement after delivery is likely, postpartum aggravation is possible. To date, various pharmacological approaches have been tried, with only marginal effectiveness. Surgical intervention is often necessary. CASE A young woman presented at 32 weeks' gestation with mirror syndrome and gigantomastia. Two years earlier she had had reduction mammoplasty by free nipple transplant. She delivered by cesarean. Rapid… CONTINUE READING

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