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Gibraltar and the Mediterranean

  title={Gibraltar and the Mediterranean},
  author={G. T. Garratt},
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A New British Subject: The Creation of a Common Ethnicity in Gibraltar
In recent decades, scholars of nationalism have paid increasing attention to the role of ethnicity in the formation of nations. In fact, nationalist narratives often structure the nation around aExpand
Ornithology on “The Rock”: Territory, Fieldwork, and the Body in the Straits of Gibraltar in the Mid-Nineteenth Century
Gibraltar—To every European the name suggests a group of ideas, and arouses certain emotions....In England the Gibraltar tradition is less vivid than in Victorian times, but the Rock has a place, andExpand
The Barefooted Foreigner
In 1885, a cholera epidemic threatened the British fortress colony of Gibraltar. As opposed to previous cholera epidemics, this outbreak was marked by scapegoating, and Maltese immigrants wereExpand
Gibraltar, Colony and Fortress
DESPITE the widespread desire for an advance of international organization the tide of nationalism is still flowing. Small groups not previously considered to possess "nationality" have begun toExpand