Gibberellin: inhibitor of an inhibitor of...?

  title={Gibberellin: inhibitor of an inhibitor of...?},
  author={Nicholas P Harberd and Kathryn E. King and Pierre Carol and R J Cowling and Jinrong Peng and Donald E. Richards},
  journal={BioEssays : news and reviews in molecular, cellular and developmental biology},
  volume={20 12},
Gibberellin is an endogenous plant growth regulator. Here, we describe our present understanding of how gibberellin regulates plant growth, using recent results gained from studies of gibberellin-signalling mutants of Arabidopsis. These results show that a signalling pathway represses plant growth and that gibberellin releases this repression. In consequence, the well-known growth-promoting properties of gibberellin are due to its activity as an "inhibitor of an inhibitor" [Brian Pw. Sym Soc… CONTINUE READING

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