Giant topological longitudinal circular photo-galvanic effect in the chiral multifold semimetal CoSi

  title={Giant topological longitudinal circular photo-galvanic effect in the chiral multifold semimetal CoSi},
  author={Zhuoliang Ni and K. L. Wang and Yang Zhang and Oscar Pozo and B. Xu and X. F. Han and Kaustuv Manna and Johnpierre Paglione and Claudia Felser and Adolfo G. Grushin and Fernando de Juan and Eugene J. Mele and Liang Wu},
  journal={Nature Communications},
The absence of mirror symmetry, or chirality, is behind striking natural phenomena found in systems as diverse as DNA and crystalline solids. A remarkable example occurs when chiral semimetals with topologically protected band degeneracies are illuminated with circularly polarized light. Under the right conditions, the part of the generated photocurrent that switches sign upon reversal of the light’s polarization, known as the circular photo-galvanic effect, is predicted to depend only on… 

Suppression of second-harmonic generation from linear bands in the topological multifold semimetal RhSi

Baozhu Lu, ∗ Sharareh Sayyad, ∗ Miguel Ángel Sánchez-Mart́ınez, Kaustuv Manna, 4 Claudia Felser, Adolfo G. Grushin, † and Darius H. Torchinsky ‡ Department of Physics, Temple University,

Hierarchy of quasisymmetries and degeneracies in the CoSi family of chiral crystal materials

  • Lunhui HuChunyu Guo B. Andrei Bernevig
  • Physical Review B
  • 2023

Fundamental laws of chiral band crossings: local constraints, global constraints, and topological phase diagrams

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Helicity-dependent photocurrents in the chiral Weyl semimetal RhSi

Measurements of CPGE in the chiral Weyl semimetal RhSi are reported, revealing a C PGE response in an energy window that closes at 0.65 eV, in agreement with the predictions of density functional theory.

Quasiparticle interference evidence of the topological Fermi arc states in chiral fermionic semimetal CoSi

Scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy is used to investigate quasiparticle interference at various terminations of a CoSi single crystal and provides strong evidence that CoSi hosts the unconventional chiral fermions and the extensive Fermi arc states.

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