Giant polarization charge density at lattice-matched GaN/ScN interfaces

  title={Giant polarization charge density at lattice-matched GaN/ScN interfaces},
  author={Nicholas L. Adamski and Cyrus E. Dreyer and Chris G. Van de Walle},
  journal={Applied Physics Letters},
Rocksalt ScN is a semiconductor with a small lattice mismatch to wurtzite GaN. Within the modern theory of polarization, ScN has a nonvanishing formal polarization along the [111] direction. As a result, we demonstrate that an interface between (0001) GaN and (111) ScN exihibts a large polarization discontinuity of $-$1.388 $\rm Cm^{-2}$. Interfaces between ScN and wurtzite III-nitrides will exhibit a high-density electron gas on the (000$\overline{1}$) GaN interface or a hole gas on the (0001… Expand
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