Giant magnetoresistance of granular microwires: Spin-dependent scattering in integranular spacers

  title={Giant magnetoresistance of granular microwires: Spin-dependent scattering in integranular spacers},
  author={A. B. Granovsky and Maxim Ilyn and Arcady P. Zhukov and Valentina Zhukova and J. M. Gonz{\'a}lez},
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The anomalous behavior of magnetoresistance has been revealed in a number of granular microwires. In contrast to the giant magnetoresistance of granular alloys, which is associated with the spin-dependent scattering in the bulk of grains and at their surface, is linear in the square of the magnetization, and decreases with an increase in temperature, the magnetoresistance, for example, in Co10Cu90 microwires is negative, increases with an increase in temperature below the Curie temperature, and… 
Kondo Effect and Magnetotransport Properties in Co-Cu Microwires
We studied magnetic, transport and structural properties of granular Cox-Cu100-x glass-coated microwires. Co-Cu microwires exhibited considerable magnetoresistance (MR) effect. For x = 5% we observed
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Abstract We report on the magnetic, transport and structural properties of Cox-Cu100-x (5≤x≤40) glass-coated microwires. For x=5 we observed the resistivity minimum at 40 K associated with the Kondo
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We studied magnetic properties and GMR effect of Cox − Cu100−x (10 ≤ x30 at%) microwires. We observed considerable magnetoresistance (MR), ΔR/R, in Co-Cu glass coated microwires with x = 10–30%. For


Improved giant magnetoresistance in nanogranular Co/Ag: The role of interparticle RKKY interactions
A record 40% room temperature giant magnetoresistance has been achieved in a nanogranular Co/Ag alloyby optimizing the concentration, sputtering conditions, and cumulative short thermal treatments.
Studies of Fe-Cu microwires with nanogranular structure.
The fabrication, and structural and magnetic characterization of Cu(63)Fe(37) microwires with granular structure produced by rapid quenching, using the Tailor-Ulitovsky method, from the immiscible alloys, show the shape of the observed dependences is typical of a giant magnetoresistance effect.
A theory of giant magnetoresistance in granular alloys was developed by considering the spin-dependent scattering within the magnetic granules and at their boundaries and the continuous distributions
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Giant magnetoresistance in heterogeneous thin film Cu-Co alloys consisting of ultrafine Co-rich precipitate particles in a Cu-rich matrix is observed, modeled by including spin-dependent scattering at the interfaces between the particles and the matrix, as well as the spin- dependent scattering in the Co- rich particles.
Giant magnetoresistance in nonmultilayer magnetic systems.
  • Xiao, Jiang, Chien
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We have observed isotropic giant magnetoresistance (GMR) in nonmultilayer magnetic systems using granular magnetic solids. We show that GMR occurs in magnetically inhomogeneous media containing
Spin-disorder effects in the electrical resistivity of Ni-based amorphous alloys.