Giant magnetoresistance and topological Hall effect in the EuGa4 antiferromagnet

  title={Giant magnetoresistance and topological Hall effect in the EuGa4 antiferromagnet},
  author={H. Zhang and X. Y. Zhu and Y. Xu and Dariusz Jakub Gawryluk and W Xie and Sheng Ju and Ming Shi and Toni Shiroka and Qiwen Zhan and Ekaterina Pomjakushina and Tian Shang},
  journal={Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter},
We report on systematic temperature- and magnetic field-dependent studies of the EuGa4 binary compound, which crystallizes in a centrosymmetric tetragonal BaAl4-type structure with space group I4/mmm. The electronic properties of EuGa4 single crystals, with an antiferromagnetic (AFM) transition at T N ∼ 16.4 K, were characterized via electrical resistivity and magnetization measurements. A giant nonsaturating magnetoresistance was observed at low temperatures, reaching ∼7×104 % at 2 K in a… 
Spin order and fluctuations in the EuAl$_4$ and EuGa$_4$ topological antiferromagnets: A $\mu$SR study
  • X. Y. Zhu, H. Zhang, +12 authors T. Shang
  • Physics
  • 2022
X. Y. Zhu,1, ∗ H. Zhang,1, ∗ D. J. Gawryluk,2 Z. X. Zhen,1 B. C. Yu,1 S. L. Ju,3 W. Xie,4 D. M. Jiang,1 W. J. Cheng,1 Y. Xu,1 M. Shi,3 E. Pomjakushina,2 Q. F. Zhan,1 T. Shiroka,5, 6, † and T. Shang1,