Giant dielectric permittivity observed in Li and Ti doped NiO.

  title={Giant dielectric permittivity observed in Li and Ti doped NiO.},
  author={Junbo Wu and Chengyu Nan and Yuanhua Lin and Yuan Deng},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={89 21},
A giant low-frequency dielectric constant ( epsilon 0 approximately 10(5)) near room temperature was observed in Li,Ti co-doped NiO ceramics. Unlike currently best-known high epsilon 0 ferroelectric-related materials, the doped oxide is a nonperovskite, lead-free, and nonferroelectric material. It is suggested that the giant dielectric constant response of the doped NiO could be enhanced by a grain boundary-layer mechanism as found in boundary-layer capacitors. In addition, there is about a one… CONTINUE READING

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