Giant dermatofibroma. A little-known clinical variant of dermatofibroma.

  title={Giant dermatofibroma. A little-known clinical variant of dermatofibroma.},
  author={Luis Requena and Ma Carmen Fari{\~n}a and Carmen Arias de la Fuente and Enric Piqu{\'e} and M{\'o}nica Olivares and Luc{\'i}a Ladero Mart{\'i}n and Evaristo S{\'a}nchez Yus},
  journal={Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology},
  volume={30 5 Pt 1},
BACKGROUND Dermatofibroma is a common cutaneous lesion that usually appears as a slow-growing firm dermal nodule. OBJECTIVE Our purpose was to report the clinical and histopathologic characteristics of eight giant dermatofibromas and review the few cases of this variant of dermatofibroma reported in the literature. METHODS All clinical records of two… CONTINUE READING