Giant condyloma acuminatum.

  title={Giant condyloma acuminatum.},
  author={Selma S{\"o}nmez Erg{\"u}n and Yasemin Kural and Nesimi B{\"u}y{\"u}kbabani and Levent Verim and Habib Akbulut and Levent G{\"u}rkan},
  journal={Dermatologic surgery : official publication for American Society for Dermatologic Surgery [et al.]},
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BACKGROUND Giant condyloma acuminatum is a warty lesion that is characterized by its large size and propensity to infiltrate into deeper tissues contrasting with its microscopically benign pattern. It is proposed that giant condyloma represents an intermediate lesion between condyloma acuminatum and verrucous carcinoma. OBJECTIVE A primary therapeutic… CONTINUE READING