Giant cervical polyp. A case report.

  title={Giant cervical polyp. A case report.},
  author={Ali Moustafa Khalil and G B Azar and Hanna G. Kaspar and Antoine A Abu-Musa and I R Chararah and Muhieddine A-F Seoud},
  journal={The Journal of reproductive medicine},
  volume={41 8},
BACKGROUND Very large cervical polyps are rarely reported. CASE A giant cervical polyp, 17 x 10 x 5 cm, protruded through the vaginal introitus in a 27-year-old, sexually inactive woman. CONCLUSION Although carcinomatous change occurs in 1.7% of cervical polyps, malignant degeneration did not occur in the six reported cases. Thus, biopsy of these tumors before excision may not be necessary.