Giant amyloid goiter in Crohn's disease.

  title={Giant amyloid goiter in Crohn's disease.},
  author={Beatr{\'i}z Febrero and Antonio R{\'i}os and Jose Manuel Rodriguez and Bel{\'e}n Ferri and Luis A. Polo and Pascual Parrilla},
  journal={Endocrine pathology},
  volume={23 4},
Crohn's disease is one of the causes of secondary amyloidosis, which can lead to amyloid infiltration of the thyroid gland. It is essential to follow strict controls to prevent the appearance of a large amyloid goiter. Two patients with amyloid goiter secondary to Crohn's disease, with a large adipose tissue component and who required surgical treatment, were studied. Both surgical interventions were difficult because of the fragility of the thyroid tissue. A patient with Crohn's disease and… CONTINUE READING