Giant Renal Cyst in a Pregnant Woman


I report a 40-year old pregnant woman presented with left lank pain during one month. Percutaneous left cyst aspiration was performed before 4 years ago. Complete blood count and serum biochemistry profiles were within normal limits. Additionally the patient was diagnosed with pregnant before two months. Ultrasonography revealed 18*15 cm cystic lesion in left kidney. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) showed 18x11x10 cm sized left renal cyst (Figure1). Percutaneous cyst aspiration was done for treatment. Approximately 500 ml fluid was aspirated and the pain was solved. Aspiration fluid was examined in pathology department. The result of the pathologic evaluation was benign. After three months, the patient’ complaints were started and ultrasonography imaging showed the recurrence of left renal cyst that was 12*10 cm sized.

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