Giant Gravitons and Fuzzy CP 2

  title={Giant Gravitons and Fuzzy CP 2},
  author={B. Janssen and Yolanda Lozano and Diego Rodŕıguez-G{\'o}mez},
In this article we describe the giant graviton configurations in AdSm × Sn backgrounds that involve 5-spheres, namely, the giant graviton in AdS4 × S7 and the dual giant graviton in AdS7 × S4, in terms of dielectric gravitational waves. Thus, we conclude the programme initiated in hep-th/0207199 and pursued in hep-th/0303183 and hep-th/0406148 towards the microscopical description of giant gravitons in AdSm × Sn spacetimes. In our construction the gravitational waves expand due to Myers… CONTINUE READING

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