Ghana Private Equity and Venture Capital Ecosystem Study

  title={Ghana Private Equity and Venture Capital Ecosystem Study},
  author={Shanthi Divakaran and Sam Schneider and Patrick J. Mcginnis},
  journal={World Bank Policy Research Working Paper Series},
This paper discusses the landscape for private equity and venture capital financing in Ghana. It provides an overview of the private equity and venture capital market in the country, describing key players, including funds, fund managers, investors, and public sector entities. The paper provides an analysis of key market drivers and impediments, as well as legal, regulatory, and taxation drivers and impediments that affect Ghana’s private equity and venture capital industry. 
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Background: Small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Africa and Uganda suffer from lack of finance for their survival and growth. This liquidity emergency motivated start-ups struggling to find
Creating markets in Ghana : country private sector diagnostic
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Equity backed Mutual Funds: 10%; Money market Funds : 5%; Any security not listed on stock exchange: 30%. 117 AXCO
  • Insurance Market Information: Life & Benefits
  • 2015
In fact, the general investment guidelines state that no more than 5% of AUM can be invested outside Ghana. 111 AXCO
  • Insurance Market Information: Life & Benefits
  • 2015
Land and building held for investments (20% life; 30% non-life); Government securities: 0%; Cash and term deposits: 5%
SIC non-life is listed and the government owns 60%
There are also 69 Broking companies, 1 Loss Adjuster, 1 Reinsurance Broker, 1 Oil and Gas company, 2 Contact Offices and 6,000 insurance agents (non-captive agents assigned to companies)
Vantage Capital  Mr. Hamdiya Ismaila, General Manager, Venture Capital  Mr
  • Samuel Yeboah, Executive Director, ServLed Company  Mr. Chris Mulligan, Senior Special Counsel, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission  Mr. Yaw Keteku, Associate Partner