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Getting to Know the Neighbours: When Plot Meets Knot

  title={Getting to Know the Neighbours: When Plot Meets Knot},
  author={Michael Hanne},
  journal={Canadian review of comparative literature},
  • M. Hanne
  • Published 1 March 1999
  • Mathematics
  • Canadian review of comparative literature

Historical consciousness and metaphor: Charting new directions for grasping human historical sense-making patterns for knowing and acting in time

In adding on to narrative as one dominant means of studying and analysing expressions of historical consciousness, this paper attempts to explicate two potential roles of metaphor for fully capturing

The Pull of Words: Reliving a Poetry Symposium through Found Poetry

Poetic inquirers immerse themselves in the flow of life, listening for art in the ordinary world, offering a response through voice and written word. The biennial International Symposium on Poetic

Narrative and Metaphor in Education: Look Both Ways

  • Ann Ang
  • Art
    Pedagogies: An International Journal
  • 2019
“Look both ways” – this collection of essays by multiple authors invites readers to do just that. Apart from being a long overdue effort in bringing narrative and metaphor studies together, this

'What's the use of stories that aren't even true?' (Rushdie, 1990): A narrative enquiry into reflective story writing with trainee teachers

This story about stories sets out to examine the value of stories as a means to convey ‘truths’. It seeks to draw out the significance of reflective stories and poetry written by trainee teachers

Social Minds and Metaphor in Rousseau

Rousseau’s writings seem to call out for analysis in terms of social minds, because he looms so large in the conceptual framing of modern psychosocial dynamics in their primary units, and the

Diagnosis and Metaphor

  • M. Hanne
  • Psychology
    Perspectives in biology and medicine
  • 2015
Psychologists are sometimes able to detect from a patient’s own use of metaphor, or inability to use or recognize metaphor, clues to a diagnosis of psychosis or autism.

Languages of the Heart: The Biomedical and the Metaphorical in American Fiction

This article surveys manifestations of coronary artery disease in popular works of 20th-century American fiction to trace how authors and their protagonists grappled with the disease while knowledge of pathophysiology and therapeutics evolved.

The Effect of Valence and Arousal on Spatial Attention

Conceptual metaphor theory suggests that to mentally represent abstract concepts we use metaphorical associations to map them onto more concrete constructs (Lakoff & Johnson, 1980; 1999). Using a

The Binocular Vision Project: An Introduction

This issue includes articles on the role of narrative and metaphor in patients' accounts of their experience, in doctor-patient communications and therapy, in creative work by doctors and patients, in professional medical concepts, and in public health policy, ethics, and education.