Getting the Numbers Out in the Open


This article provides software cost and productivity benchmarks that you can use to determine how your organization ranks compared with industry averages, and whether your software estimates are reasonable. General Dynamics Decision Systems shares cost/benefit performance results that indicate productivity and quality improve with increased software process maturity. Statistical Process Control of Project Performance This article discusses how to best use statistical process control as a powerful management tool when applied to the earned value management indicators and cost and schedule performance indexes. Are You Prepared for CMMI? Are you making the transition to CMMI from another model? Read how applying technology adoption concepts to the move can smooth the process considerably. Correctness by Construction: Better Can Also be Cheaper Here's how one avionics project reported four-fold productivity and 10-fold quality improvements by adopting unambiguous programming languages that focus on preventing bugs vs. detecting them later on. CrossTalk Kent Bingham, Digital Illustration and Design, is a self-taught graphic artist/designer who freelances print and Web design projects. 3 8 14 18 30 31 D e p a r D e p a r t m e n t s t m e n t s Article Submissions: We welcome articles of interest to the defense software community.Articles must be approved by the CROSSTALK editorial board prior to publication. Please follow the Author Guidelines, available at crosstalk/xtlkguid.pdf. CROSSTALK does not pay for submissions. Articles published in CROSSTALK remain the property of the authors and may be submitted to other publications. Reprints and Permissions: Requests for reprints must be requested from the author or the copyright holder. Please coordinate your request with CROSSTALK. Defense. Contents of CROSSTALK are not necessarily the official views of, or endorsed by, the government, the Department of Defense, or the Software Technology Support Center. All product names referenced in this issue are trademarks of their companies. Coming Events: We often list conferences, seminars, symposiums , etc. that are of interest to our readers.There is no fee for this service, but we must receive the information at least 90 days before registration. Send an announcement to the CROSSTALK Editorial Department. Back Issues Available: The STSC sometimes has extra copies of back issues of CROSSTALK available free of charge. Air Force to help Air Force software organizations identify, evaluate, and adopt technologies to improve the quality of their software products, efficiency in producing them, and their ability to accurately …

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