Getting rid of caveolins: phenotypes of caveolin-deficient animals.

  title={Getting rid of caveolins: phenotypes of caveolin-deficient animals.},
  author={Soazig Le Lay and Teymuras V Kurzchalia},
  journal={Biochimica et biophysica acta},
  volume={1746 3},
The elucidation of the role of caveolae has been the topic of many investigations which were greatly enhanced after the discovery of caveolin, the protein marker of these flask-shaped plasma membrane invaginations. The generation of mice deficient in the various caveolin genes (cav-1, cav-2 and cav-3) has provided physiological models to unravel the role of caveolins or caveolae at the whole organism level. Remarkably, despite the essential role of caveolins in caveolae biogenesis, all knockout… CONTINUE READING