Get to grips: steering local actin dynamics with IQGAPs.

  title={Get to grips: steering local actin dynamics with IQGAPs.},
  author={Dominique Tobias Brandt and Robert Grosse},
  journal={EMBO reports},
  volume={8 11},
IQGAPs are actin-binding proteins that scaffold numerous interaction partners, transmitting extracellular signals that influence mitogenic, morphological and migratory cell behaviour. However, the precise mechanisms by which IQGAP proteins influence actin dynamics and actin filament structures have been elusive. Now that IQGAP1 has emerged as a potential key regulator of actin-cytoskeletal dynamics by recruiting both the actin related protein (Arp)2/3 complex and/or formin-dependent actin… CONTINUE READING