Gestion Intégrée du Changement des Modèles de Processus Métier


For the past few years, the Business Process Models or BPMs, have been largely used to specify the different processes of an organisation. The existing frameworks, may also generate executable information systems, deployed on distributed platforms, from the instantiation of business process models. This has been facilitated by the generalization of the so called Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA). We propose a graph-based approach, along with the graph re-writing system, for the modeling and simulation of the change impact propagation among the different constituents of the instantiated business process models. We use ontologies for the semantic representation of the relations linking the different constituents of such applications. This semantic knowledge is then used by an algorithm that may generate the graph re-writing rules to incorporate the change impact propagation in such applications. MOTS-CLÉS : Modèles de Processus Métier (BPM), Propagation de l’impact du changement, Systèmes de réécriture de graphe, Ontologies.

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