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Gestational age estimation in Kari sheep using non-conventional ultrasonographic parameters.

  title={Gestational age estimation in Kari sheep using non-conventional ultrasonographic parameters.},
  author={Muhammad Shakir Khan and Sohail Ahmad and Zahoor Ahmad Swati and Suhail Akhtar and Abdur Rahman},
  journal={Sarhad Journal of Agriculture},
The present study was designed to determine gestational age in Kari ewes measuring of non-conventional foetal growth parameters i.e., Abdominal Circumference (AC), Foetal Heart Beat Rate (FHBR) and Femur Length (FL).The experiment conducted at different gestational age in Kari sheep with a B-mode ultrasonograph and a 3.5 MHz transducer. The ewes were scanned in dorsal recumbency over a restraining chute with post-scanning shaving of the inguinal regions.Data were collected from 49 ewes. Based… 
An experiment was conducted to compare the growth curve of rabbit. Three breeds of rabbit,namely Indonesian Local Rabbit (IL), Flamish Giant (FG) and Rex (R) were used in the study.Individual body


Real-time ultrasonic fetal head measurement and gestational age in dairy goats.
The uniform, linear increase in BPD in the second trimester should allow for the accurate assignment of gestational age for doe confinement or induction of kidding.
Determination of early pregnancy in ewes utilizing transrectal ultrasonography.
In conclusion, transrectal ultrasonography was found to provide a rapid, accurate means for the early detection of pregnancy in ewes.
Use of ultrasonography in reproductive management of sheep and goat herds.
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Overall flock reproductive management is facilitated through the timely acquisition of information with ewes culled, rebred, or preferentially fed, according to pregnancy status.
Early pregnancy diagnosis by means of ultrasonography as a method of improving reproductive efficiency in goats.
In conclusion, progesterone assay at day 21 post-mating (cut-off value, 1 ng/ml) can be used for pregnancy diagnosis in goats and B-mode transrectal ultrasonography was more efficient due to detection of embryo and confirmation of its viability by heartbeats.
Determination of fetal numbers in sheep by real time ultrasonic scanning
The closer control of late pregnancy nutrition can be expected to lead to increased birth weights of multiples and fewer overweight single lambs and, through these effects, to reduced levels of lamb mortality, and the opportunity to regulate late pregnancy feeding more closely to the requirements of ewes.
Ultrasonic biparietal diameter of second trimester Pygmy goat fetuses.
Four does pregnant with seven Pygmy goat fetuses were scanned transabdominally from Day 36 to Day 102 of gestation using a real-time ultrasound 5 MHz linear-array scanhead andfetal biparietal diameter was measured on symmetrical frozen images using internal electronic calipers to assign GA and allow confinement of does near kidding for induced or observed parturition.
Ultrasonographic imaging in small ruminant reproduction.
The objectives of current revision are to offer an overview, after a short reminder of equipment and techniques for imaging genitalia in small ruminants, of the uses and utility of ultrasonography for the evaluation of physiological and pathological conditions in males and females and for the application of assisted reproductive technologies.
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