Gestation-induced changes in lamotrigine pharmacokinetics: a monotherapy study.

  title={Gestation-induced changes in lamotrigine pharmacokinetics: a monotherapy study.},
  author={Gerrit‐Jan de Haan and Peter Edelbroek and Johan Segers and Martijn Engelsman and Dick Lindhout and M D{\'e}vil{\'e}-Notschaele and Paul B. Augustijn},
  volume={63 3},
The authors describe 12 pregnancies in women with epilepsy using lamotrigine (LTG) monotherapy. A seizure increase in nine pregnancies was probably related to a gradual decline of LTG level-to-dose ratio to 40% of baseline. After delivery, LTG kinetics returned swiftly to baseline, causing toxic side effects in some women. Frequent LTG level monitoring and appropriate dose adjustments are advised in the period before and during pregnancy and after delivery, especially in women on LTG… CONTINUE READING

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