Gestation Period for Australopithecus

  title={Gestation Period for Australopithecus},
  author={Jenni Frazer},
  • J. Frazer
  • Published 30 March 1973
  • Biology
  • Nature
LEUTENEGGER1 has provided estimates of the foetal size at birth of two species of Australopithecus. Huggett and Widdas2 drew attention to the relationship between foetal age and weight in mammals, and we have been assessing both specific foetal growth rates and length of gestation (J. F. D. F. and A. St G. Huggett, unpublished data). It is quite clear that in the higher primates the foetal growth rate is 0.06. Using this and the estimates of foetal sizes at birth in the Huggett/Widdas formula2… 
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Gestation Period and Birth Weight of Australopithecus

Regression analysis of gestation periods and birth weights in pongids and modern man indicates that these two factors have a low correlation and that among higher primates the foetal growth rate is anything but constant, and therefore estimates on gestation periods based on this rate and birth weight are useless.



Newborn Size and Pelvic Dimensions of Australopithecus

Information about body weight and head size of newborn Australopithecus in relation to the size of the female pelvic inlet is of evolutionary significance with respect to the adaptation of hominids to bipedalism.